The current Returned Orders widget within the Analytics left-navigation in the Returnly Dashboard will provide an aggregate count of the number of orders which were created within a given date range and which had subsequent returns. Also related, the Most-Returned Products widget will compute the return rate i.e. ratio of the number of returned items to the number of purchases of a given product within a given date range. In the Manage Returns left-navigation of the Returnly Dashboard, one is able to generate and download a CSV report showing returns that occurred within a given date range, displaying the associated order ids and order numbers and product name and SKU.

We do not presently directly support the use case of comparing a list of orders placed in a given date range to the list of returned orders in that same date range. Our suggested workaround would be to take the exported CSV from Manage Returns and combine with an order report from your order management system inside a spreadsheet.

We also do not presently support a breakdown by size and style in the Analytics or Manage Returns tabs.

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