Gift Exchanges are powered by Returnly's Credit program. The process is very similar to that of regular Returnly returns and exchanges, except that it enables gift recipients to initiate a return on their own behalf without having to notify the gift giver nor have access to the gift giver’s email or store account information.

On the shopper facing returns center home page, there will be an option to select “Returning a Gift?” It will often look like this:

When a shopper clicks on the “Returning a Gift?” Link, they are redirected to a different information flow for gift recipients wishing to exchange their items:

They should be able to get all of this information from the order form inside their original package shipment. They are then taken to a screen identical to that of the regular return process screen where they can select the item they would like to return or exchange. They are provided with a shipping label and an instant Credit to shop again right away.

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