Choosing how the returns can begin

There are a variety of possible Returnly customizations. One of them is changing how your shopper can initiate a return. Directly accessing the Returns Center isn’t the only way your shoppers can initiate a return or exchange. With Returnly, you can enable return buttons within the "My Account" or "Order History" sections of your online store. Once logged in, shoppers will gain direct access to the returns flow without having to enter their email address or order details for verification purposes. Super convenient!

How it works

These buttons link to a unique URL with specific identifiers. Since the shopper is already logged into the store, this unique URL can allow the shopper to begin the return process without having to click a link from their email. This button can take the shopper straight to a view of the product selection page at the order or item level.

Benefits of creative customizing

This high-level customization feature streamlines and improves your shopper experience. Helping you improve shopper loyalty - it's all part of the Returnly package.

In addition, (yes - there is more...) this feature also allows you to create seamless structure around what your shoppers are able to return. Returns, we make them work for you :)

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