There is this amazing tracking fairy named Richard, and he takes care of making sure that your tracking information on individual RMAs is accessible from your Returnly dashboard. It’s truly amazing. Shipping fairy Richard makes the world a better place.


To view tracking info:

  • Log in to your dashboard
  • Go to “Manage Returns”
  • In the upper right area of your screen you will see the return status. This status is your quick view update for a particular return. There are 8 possible status’ but in regards to shipping, it might say:

Click on the status to see a detailed RMA view:

  • Need to download a copy of the label? Simply click (download).
  • When you click  on the blue highlighted tracking number, you can download the shipping label again, here:

Track your shipment with the postal carrier here:

Track USPS

Track UPS

Track FedEx

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