We display all of the amounts used to calculate the refund to shoppers in a screen for shoppers called “Your Estimated Refund”.

The items that the shopper is returning will appear in the first line of the “Your Estimated Refund” screen. This total is based on the price of items at the time of purchase.

Any discounts given to the shopper at the time of purchase are also factored into the refund amount, and appear on the screen as well. 

Any taxes the shopper paid on the item must also be refunded to the shopper, and these (if any) are added to the refund amount.

Based on your returns policy, the amount deducted for the return shipping label also appears on the estimated refund screen. If you cover the cost of return shipping for shoppers, this will show as “FREE.” 

Discounts & fees are subtracted, and taxes are added to the shopper’s original purchase amount to calculate the “Refund Estimate.”

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