The status is the current state of the RMA. There are 7 possible statuses 

  • Requested: This status only appears when using manual authorization mode. The shopper has requested a return, but merchant has not yet authorized the return. 
  • Authorized: The return has been authorized, either manually or automatically. This indicates that the shopper has been presented with and/or emailed their shipping label.
  • In Transit: The product return has been shipped and is in transit to your return address
  • Delivered: The shipping carrier is reporting that the return has been delivered to your return address
  • Refunded: The refund amount due to the shopper for the item(s) returned was issued to the shopper’s original payment method 
  • Cancelled: The return was cancelled from the dashboard. 
  • Incomplete: The shopper initiated but did not complete return process; this means that they stopped the process prior to generating a return shipping label.
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