Where Excel automatically opens the CSV file for a generated RMA Report, scientific notation may be defaulted to within select columns, including for tracking numbers populated under "Tracking Number":

Towards preventing scientific notation from being defaulted to for any data, take the following steps to instead manually import the report's downloaded CSV file:

  • Open Excel with a new "Blank Workbook".
  • Click into the "Data" tab, and select the "From Text" option.
  • Select the downloaded CSV file. If using any software version other than Excel 2016, this will open the "Import Wizard" to be utilized during the following steps.
  • Select (or keep selected) the "Delimited" data type, and click "Next".
  • Check the "Tab" and "Comma" options for "Delimiters," and click "Next".
  • Highlight/select the depicted "Tracking Number" column and change the "Column data format" to "Text," and click "Finish".

Within the report's "Tracking Number" column, for one, tracking numbers should then be reflected as unique and in full:

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