What does Missed Delivery Deadline mean?

A status of “Missed Delivery Deadline” means that the delivery deadline has passed, and the package has not arrived at the warehouse. The default number of days before an RMA transitions to “Missed Delivery Deadline” is 30 calendar days from when first "Authorized".

When does Missed Delivery Deadline apply to an RMA?

“Missed Delivery Deadline” applies to RMAs that have had Instant Credit issued to the shopper and the shopper has used their Instant Credit in part, or in whole. It is important to know that RMAs which led to exchanges will also go into a "Missed Delivery Deadline" if not returned on time. An RMA that has moved into “Missed Delivery Deadline” could mean a shopper has forgotten to drop off the package or had no intention to return the items they chose to initiate a return for.

How should I manage this status?

When an RMA has gone into a “Missed Delivery Deadline” status a Merchant has two options. A merchant may have received the items back from the shopper, when this occurs you can transition the RMA to a “Delivered Late” status. This is done by selecting the “Missed Delivery Deadline” RMA and clicking the “Set as Delivered Late” button as seen below.

If you never receive the items the shopper intended to send, you can leave the RMA as “Missed Delivery Deadline”; this is technically a final state within Returnly and will live in the “Complete” section under Manage Returns.

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