For Shopify Plus merchants, Returnly offers a separate return flow for individuals who received item(s) as gifts -- giftees. The original purchaser is not involved or notified, so no hurt feelings and the sentiment is still felt!

For a giftee going through the flow, they will see the following "Returning a Gift?" option at your Return Center:

Once a giftee has entered the flow, they will need to enter their Order Number, Zip Code, Name (First and Last), and Email Address within the corresponding fields:

Once their return has been initiated, the giftee will be provided with a shipping label to send their item(s) back. 

Post-delivery and upon the returned being processed, and correspondingly transitioned to a status of “Refunded," the giftee will be provided with a gift card (store credit) equal to the RMA's "Refunded" amount. 

If you wish to turn on or have additional questions around implementing Gift Returns, please reach out to us at

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