Types of User Roles

Returnly will now provide the capability to assign roles to users restricting which actions each user can perform. Currently there are five predefined roles:

  • Owner: Can access both account settings and user management. This role can also view and edit all areas of the Returnly dashboard as an admin would do — Best for Business Owners
  • Administrator: Can view and edit all areas of the Returnly dashboard — Best for Ecommerce Managers and Customer Service Managers
  • Analyst: Can access to all the reporting capabilities and returns management but can’t manage users nor account settings — Best for Accountants, Financial Analysts or Operations Managers
  • Customer Service Representative: This user is limited to returns management — Best for Customer Support team members
  • Developer: This user is limited to the return flow Customization section for web and email customization — Best for internal developers/designers or external agencies that help with your branding


Managing Users 

Users and their assigned roles can be managed from the User Management section in the merchant dashboard. Look for User Management on the left hand navigation bar in your dashboard:

Both users with Owner and Administrator roles have access to this functionality, though what each role can do varies slightly.

Both Owners and Administrators can:

  • Search users by name, email, status or role
  • View user details 
  • Navigate through the user list through pagination

Owners have the exclusive ability to: 

  • Quickly add new users 
  • Easily edit user data, manage assigned role, or activate/deactivate users 

Creating New Users

Users can be managed from the User Management tab. Easily add new users clicking the blue button Add User in the right corner. An invite is sent to the provided email address, and the user gets into a “pending” status until the invite is accepted.

Searching For New Users

Search for users within the new User Management section on the top left corner of the page. Users can be search by: First Name, Last Name, Email, Role and Status.

Results are paginated to easily view all existing users.  

Editing Users

To edit users' assigned roles or information, hover and select the user from the User Management listing. You can then edit user information, grant role permissions and activate/deactivate user rights. 

Adopting New User Roles

Once activated for your account, all of your users will maintain the role assigned to them by the Returnly Support member when they were onboarded. In order to take advantage of the new roles, we recommend to identify which of your users have an assigned Owner role and edit the assigned role as needed.

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