When a shopper creates a return, it is important to keep them updated about the progress and status of such. Returnly has a set of emails that are automatically sent to the shopper after important events. We know that our merchants care deeply about the tone and language of these emails, so we allow you to customize each as you see fit. Here is how:

  1. Navigate to Customize → Email in the merchant dashboard:
  2. If you scroll down, you will see the different emails that are sent at different milestones during the return journey. You can customize each of these directly in the text field or by clicking the Edit link.

Note: Make sure to press Save after you have edited your email or your changes will not be saved!

Adding Variables to Emails

There are a number of variables that you can add to your emails to allow for more flexibility and personalization. The variables that we currently support are the following:

Note: Not all variables can be used on all emails. If you try to add a variable to an invalid email, you will see an error message.


Q: Do the email templates support Shopify Liquid?

A: Today no, but we hope to add that as an advancement in the future. 

Q: Can I turn off emails that I don’t want to be sent to shoppers?

A: Some emails can be disabled if you would like them to be. If you have a question about disabling an email, please reach out to support@returnly.com.

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