When it comes to returns, we know things don’t always go as planned. In any case, we have you covered. 

Sometimes RMAs arrive at the warehouse and need to be modified because an item is missing from the box or one of the items is in a condition that prevents you from selling it again. You can edit these RMAs from within the merchant dashboard to ensure you refund the correct amount and to better keep track of what has been returned and what has not. 

Editing an RMA

Go to the Merchant Dashboard → Manage Returns → Return Detail view of a "Delivered" RMA and press the "Edit" link next to the item that you want to remove from the return. You can choose one of two reasons to remove the item: Item missing or Unacceptable condition.

Once you have selected a reason to remove the item from the RMA, you will notice two things:

  • The item will be grayed out in the RMA's details and the product-specific refund amount will be updated to $0.00.
  • The "Refund Due" amount at the bottom of the page will be updated to reflect the new refund amount.

Post Refund

Once the RMA has been edited and processed/refunded, you can no longer edit the return. If you made a mistake while editing, you can still make changes while the RMA remains in the "Delivered" status. 

If you are using Shopify, there will also be an updated note added to the original order number(s) to signify that the RMA has been edited. This note will include the items that were removed from the RMA and the new refund amount.

The shopper will receive the normal refund emails from the e-commerce platform as they do today, and that will include the new refund amount. We recommend that you reach out to shoppers if you are making an edit to an RMA because often times they kept one of the items on purpose.

Common Questions

Q: What if I want to refund my shopper for part of the item that was damaged or missing?

A: To do this, we recommend you mark the item as missing or in unacceptable condition and then add to the deductions & fees section to give the shopper back whatever you would like. You can even refund them for the entire item if you so please.

Q: Can I do this via API? 

A: API support for this feature is planned and will be released later.

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