As with any financial technology, it is important for our merchants to be able to reconcile Returnly Checkout transactions. In order to better support this effort, we have created a new reporting system that will make it easier for accounting teams to understand where money is flowing and when. 

The Different Reports

As an accountant, we understand that there are many different questions you want to answer when reconciling Returnly Checkout transactions. To help best answer these questions, we have created three new different reports. They are the Vouchers Report, Accounts Receivable Report, and Accounts Payable Report.

Vouchers Report

This report will include every RMA  where a voucher  was generated or issued (but not necessarily used). This report will help answer any questions regarding how many vouchers were created for potential Returnly Checkout transactions over a given period of time.

Tip: To understand the number of vouchers created on a given day, filter by voucher_issued_at 

Accounts Receivable

This report will include every repurchase that was created/placed within a given period of time. It is important to note that some line items on this report will be duplicates from the Gift Card Report, but others may not be. This is because an RMA can be created with a voucher issued, and then that voucher can be used a number of days later. This report will help answer any questions regarding money that Returnly sent you for Returnly Checkout transactions over a given period of time.

Tip: To see how which repurchases were part of a batch payment, filter by stripe_destination_id

Accounts Payable

This report will include every RMA that was part of an invoice by Returnly. This essentially means that all RMAs that have been delivered, reviewed, and settled (that were part of a Returnly Checkout transaction) will be included in this report. This report will help answer any questions regarding money that Returnly invoiced for Returnly Checkout transactions over a given period of time.

Tip: To see which repurchases were part of a payment to Returnly, filter by invoiced_at

How to Generate the Reports

To find the reports for reconciling Returnly Checkout repurchases, simply go to the Merchant Dashboard → Billing → Returnly Checkout.

Here you will see a summarized report with all of the RMAs where the shopper was issued a voucher or completed an exchange. To view the new detailed reports over a given timeframe, simply press the download button. We recommend that for any reconciliation efforts, you use the export rather than the visual report in the dashboard.

You will then be prompted to choose the timeframe you’d like to report on, and to select which reports you want to see. The recipient of the report/s is automatically set as the email address associated with that dashboard login being utilized at that time.

Note: All times are in UTC 

Once you press Send, the report will be processed behind the scenes and will be sent to the pre-defined email address. You can continue to work in the dashboard while this process takes place.

The reports will be generated in csv format so that you can upload them to the reporting tools of your choice. This will also give you the flexibility to filter and manipulate the data as you so choose.


Q: Is it possible for me to see the payments Returnly sends me for Returnly Checkout transactions in Stripe?

A: Yes! You can search for the Stripe Destination ID in your Stripe Connected Account Dashboard.

Q: Why do I see some stripe_transaction_values that say $0 and have no striped_destination_id?

A: Batch payments for Returnly Checkout transactions occur every day at about 5:15 UTC (9:15 am PST). If an Accounts Receivable report is created to included data from today, any repurchases that occurred after that time today will show a stripe_transaction_value of $0.00 and no stripe_destination_id. This is expected because those transactions will be part of the next payment that will occur the next day at 5:15 UTC. After that time, the values will be updated for any new report that you generate and will also reference the stripe_destination_id they were a part of.

Q: How long does it take for the reports to be sent to the recipient email? 

A: It depends on how big the report is - the larger the report, the longer it will take. Most reports shouldn’t take more than a minute or so.

Q: How long does a payment from Returnly for Returnly Checkout take to reach our bank account?

A: Payments for Returnly Checkout are batched every day and sent at 9:15 am PST. These will be recorded almost immediately, but depending on the bank it can take as long as 10 days for the ACH transaction to fully process. You can check when the payment will process by viewing the Balances → Payouts section of your Stripe Connected Account Dashboard.

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