Create deep-link return buttons within the "My Account" or "Order History" sections of your store, giving shoppers direct access to the returns flow without having to enter their email address or order details for verification purposes. This seamless transitioning removes unnecessary clicks and reduces return friction for your loyal shoppers.

Common use cases

  • Order confirmation email
  • Order delivered email
  • Order history page* 
  • Account overview page*

 * Customer account login required

Getting started

To enable deep-links for your returns, first you will need to identify these three parameters:

  • return_center_domain = URL of your returns center
  • external_order_number = Order number in your eCommerce platform (i.e. Shopify)
  • customer_id = Customer ID associated with the order in your eCommerce platform (i.e. Shopify)

Example for deep-linking with Shopify & Shopify Plus:

Add the parameters to this link:


Example for deep-linking with all other e-commerce platforms:

Add the parameters to this link:

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