• What happens when I cancel a return?

   The shopper will not be refunded any money and the return will go to the status: canceled_by_merchant

   If the shopper was issued an instant refund, the voucher will automatically be disabled upon cancellation

  • What if we cancel a return and the voucher has already been used (in the case of an exchange)?

   If the voucher is already used, Returnly will assume the risk in the case where all of the items are missing from the box.

   If the merchant is canceling the return because they have already refunded or shopper decided he/she wanted to keep the item Returnly will invoice the merchant as if the return is being settled.

  • How can I tell if I have been invoiced for a cancellation?

   All RMAs that have invoices associated with them will appear in the Billing Tab → Returnly Checkout

  • What if only one of the items within an RMA needs to be canceled?

    To update the refund amount for a given RMA, please use the deductions & fees feature. Here you can subtract the amount you will refund the shopper for any damaged or non-sellable goods in the return.

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