If you have not already done so, please take a look at the order tracking help center document found here: http://help.returnly.com/order-tracking-feature/order-tracking.

Using Order Tracking is easy, even if you are using an email customization app like Orderly. Just follow these easy steps:

(These steps are recommended for Shipping Confirmation, Shipping Updates, Out for Delivery, and Delivered emails)

  • Once you have pasted your Orderly html in your email template, find the Tracking Button section:
  • Replace the "href=...}" section with the following HTML snippet:
 href="https://yourstorename.returnly.com/order_tracking?tracking_numbers={{fulfillment.tracking_numbers | join: "," }}&order_number={{order_name | url_encode }}&zip={{ shipping_address.zip }}&carrier={{ fulfillment.tracking_company | url_encode }}"
  • Update "yourstorename" to match the name of your store (in Returnly). This is the first part of the link to your return center.
  • Repeat for the rest of the emails!

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