One of the benefits of using the Returnly Checkout feature (Exchanges, Instant Refund vouchers, or both) is that Returnly takes on all the risk when there is a repurchase. This means that whenever a shopper creates an exchange or buys something new with an Instant Refund voucher, Returnly will cover that cost of that transaction until the original item has been returned.

The question is, how exactly does that work?

When a repurchase occurs, Returnly will send the amount of that repurchase (less the agreed upon Returnly commission) to you via Stripe. In order to do receive these funds, you must authorize Returnly’s Funding account to send money to you. This is called, “connecting” an account. 

As Returnly grows, so do our means of funding Returnly Checkout. We have made some changes to ensure we can continue to fund all of your Returnly checkout needs; however, in order to leverage these funds, you must authorize a new Returnly Funding Source.

Why am I having to make this change when things work just fine now?    Recently we have changed our Funding Source that sends monies to your account for all repurchases and exchanges for Returnly Checkout.    To continue to receive these payments, it's necessary for you to authorize this new funding source to send payment to your existing Stripe account which then transfers the money to your existing bank account.     You will not have to create a new Stripe account, just use the current Stripe account that was used during the original setup of Returnly Checkout.  

To connect your account, here is what you do:

1. Go to the Returnly Checkout tab in the Merchant Dashboard:

2. Click the “connect account” notification:

3. If you already have a Stripe account, press “authorize”.

If you do not have a stripe account, please create one and then authorize.

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