If a return is never received, you can cancel it from your merchant dashboard. Next to the “Process Refund” (or "Set as Delivered") button, there is a button entitled “Cancel Return.”

When a merchant cancels a return from the dashboard, the RMA goes into the ‘cancelled returns’ area of the dashboard, and the shipping label is automatically voided.

Please note: unused shipping labels expire 16 days after they are generated in Returnly’s system. At the time this article was written, the shipping label must be re-generated by Returnly’s merchant success team if the shopper wishes to continue with the return. It is in our product roadmap to streamline this process; however, we are still collecting data to determine the best solution for most merchant/shopper use cases. Along those lines, team Returnly would greatly appreciate your feedback (if any) in regards to this :) Shipping label voiding/re-issuing does not cancel the return in the merchant dashboard.

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