How the eligibility window works:

You determine the number of days from the date of purchase (not the date an item is shipped out) that the shopper may initiate an item return. This is the return eligibility window. Once the shipping label is generated, the shopper receives 15 days (in addition to the days you have set as your eligibility window) to use the shipping label and return an item.

We assure you - to date, this is the simplest way to do this. ;)

How to set product return eligibility window:

  • Log into your account.
  • Click on Return Policy.
  • Type in the # of days the Shopper has to initiate a return. You can choose from 0 - 365 calendar days.
  • Click Save

Congratulations! You have set the eligibility window for all products across your store. So smooth.

Please note: at this time, for some very good reasons, it is not possible to manually set an eligibility window for an individual item.

Overriding your eligibility window:

As needed, you can override your eligibility window on behalf of a shopper. To learn how, please see this related article.

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