Forget Gift Cards - their lack of personality and the cash flow constraints that they impose make them a pain in the butt. Encourage your shoppers to purchase much more personal actual surprise gifts for their loved ones! With Instant Refunds™, gift givers can do so risk-free!! Gift recipients can be delighted by a surprise gift, and if for some reason they needed another size, or actually preferred a different item from your store, they can order their replacement gift right away. Using Instant Refunds™, we allow gift recipients to return an item without notifying the gift giver, and receive the appropriate funds to shop again right away even before sending back that which they’d like to return. Isn’t this amazing?! Hard to believe, but there’s another added benefit here: you have just gained a customer. That’s right, the gift recipient is now a customer of yours who’s already been left with a very positive exchange experience. Helping you grow your ROI - it’s part of what we do here at Returnly :)

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